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You can try to explore your imagination to design as you like using this mini pack,
The main things contained in it are as following:
1, nailhead AA 5mm.3mm,2mm
2, rhinestone AA ss16, ss10,
3. paper card
4. plastic bag
The common ways to iron is by steam, special machine, laser and electricity.
Generally speaking, the 3 Factors affecting the iron are time, temperature and strength.
the products size centigrade time (s)
rhinestone ss4-ss16 150-160 15-20
ss20-ss40 150-160 25-35
Acrylic rhinestone 120 15.2
nailhead/cooper studs 150-160 15-20

We also can make as your demand , suah as the products, size, color, grade and ect !

Besides, we also can assist to designe as you want! For more degine, please go to our websit, or send email to me!

Glad to hearing from you soon!
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