Sell DL-Malic Acid, min 99,5%

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Mass portion of malic acid (C4H6O5) is not less than 99,5%.

Malic Acid is used in the production of non-alcoholic refreshing beverages and Juices, in dairy produces (including produces containing lactate bacterium) as an emulsion stabilizer of yolk, in frozen produces (ice-cream, sherbet) , as well in the production of groceries (wine, mayonnaise, cheeses, fish, sauce, fruit products) . Malic Acid is used as acidifier, antiseptic, and foodstuffs stabilizer (appears to be a good substitude of citric acid) , in confectionary industry for the production of jellies, pastilas, fruit candies. DL Malic Acid is widly adopted in pharmacy, in the manufactory of cosmetics, detergents, metal purifiers, textile industry etc.

Snap formula C4H6O5,
Strustural CH2 COOH
Molecular mass 134,09
Code DL Malic Acid E-296

Appearance and color - white powder without nubbins.
Brand Name
DL-Malic Acid
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