Sell DL-alanine

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Molecular formula: C3H7NO2
Molecular weight: 89.09
CAS NO: 302-72-7
Description: Colorless or white acicular crystal powder with sweet taste, dissolving in water.
Specification: AJI97 FCCV
Function: It mainly uses in food processing industry as nutrition enriching substance and seasoning. Enhancing effect of chemistry seasoning, improving taste of artificial seasoner and sour
odor of organic acid, making salt system effect and quality of alcohol type drink better, preventing
oil class oxidation, developing taste of soaks and composing seasoning of clear wine. Next, it can be used in pharmaceutical industry as raw material for VB6 and DL-alaninol and as metabolism medication for medicine microorganism and biochemistry amino acid.
Package: 20kg net weight cardboard with plastic inner, or according to the customer`s demand.