Sell DLP rear projector TV/monitor Built-in Interactive Whiteboard

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Real time recording

Recording all strokes that wrote on screen whiteboard. When you start to write on whiteboard, it is possible automatically record notes and drawing from your whiteboard to your PC. This feature could be used in classroom , training course, and conferencing . Students or audience could pay attention to listening and not only for drawing notebooks. Interactive classroom or enjoyable presentation could be provided.

Printing at prompt

To print the current page if in Recording Mode, press the Print icon on your page.

Save Format

When you write on screen , Whiteboard automatically record the notes and drawing to your PC in different format, such as PowerPoint, html , pdf ( single page or multiple page ) , bmp, jpg. etc. You could select the format that you want. Saved contents could be play back any times and could broadcasting through network.

Synchronization for sound & image

SCT whiteboard not only automatically record all strokes and also recording the sound of lecture . So that synchronized sound & image form a tutorial material and visual meeting record.

Wireless mouse

SCT whiteboard built-in DLP projector and let full screen becomes a touch panel. By means of a digital pen you could control PC in wireless mode.

Screen markups

SCT whiteboard with digital pen could make screen markups in Microsoft windows platform or other software program interface.
It is easy to make any remarks , note , draft & annotation onto multiple page of screen markups.

Hand-Write Input

It is possible convert hand-write strokes into computer typing fonts , which is exactly like as Word & Excel or other tool for fonts & characters. You could write on screen , entering contents by hand-write without key board or mouse , standard typing fonts saves as a Work or Excel file in computer .

Net meeting

By SCT whiteboard operation system, is capable of connecting your projector automatically to an open Net Meeting session. Multiple sets of SCT whiteboard projectors, both in Interactive and Recording modes, have Net Meeting together. Different location of SCT whiteboard projectors could share same Work/ Excel /PowerPoint document.

Multi-point broadcasting for meeting

It is capable to arrange your meeting in efficient. Multiple-points Broadcasting share same information through network.

Multi-Media classroom

Gallery function ---- In program gallery have organized big amount of image and background picture for your easy call it out for your education and presentation purpose.
To access this Gallery, you just into Galley by Tool Bar. You could insert it to your screen .
Gallery function has fully expendable and modifiable , allowing user adding fold , picture & background into whiteboard notebook Gallery. It could be save in Gallery
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