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Assay(GC Area%) :>=99.5%
APHA: <=20
Appearance:clear colorless liquid
Refraction index: ND20=1.4720

Other properties:
As high boiling point, high flash point, low melting point, low toxicity, 1,3-Dmethyl-2-Imidazolidinone are very useful substances as a polar non-protonic solvent. In particular, it is an excellent solvent for various high melocular substances such as polyamides, polyvinyl chloride, polyvinylalcohol, polystyrene, polyurethane, phenlic resins, etc. Further, it is a very useful substance which forms a complex with many inorganic salts and dissolves, and also is used as a solvent for many organic reactions.
Formula weight: 114.15
Melting point: 8.20
Boiling point: 225.50
Flash point: 1010
Density: 1.056 (d=1.056)
CAS: 80-73-9
Supply Capacity
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15 days
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