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ETHACURE 300 curative, a liquid aromatic diamine with low chronic toxicity,
is an effective curative for polyurethane cast elastomers. It is used in both hot
and room-temperature casting. Other uses include: a slower chain-extender for
polyurethane-urea and polyurea elastomers in reaction injection molding (RIM) ,
structural RIM (SRIM) and hand-applied and spray coating applications alone
or in blends with ETHACURE 100 Curative.
Appearance: Clear, Light Yellow or Amber liquid
Intrinsic Color: 8max
Diamine content (GC. Area, calculated) : 98min
TDA content (GC. Area, calculated) : 0.5%max
Amine Number (chemical titration without water) : 526~546mg. KOH/g
Moisture (w/w, KF) : 0.1%max
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