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DUYD series EPS (emergency power supply system for fire protection)

Approved by China Certificate Center for Fire-fighting Products, Ministry of Public Security

Widely used in various applications such as buildings, highways, tunnels and civil airports.

Installation: wall-mounted, embedded, or standalone

Single phase output: 0.5 kw ~ 20kw

Three phase output: 2.2kw ~ 400kw


(1) Easy to install and serve as adoption of experienced power electronic technology and integration of inverting, charging and control technologies

(2) Powerful detection and monitoring functions with DSP

(3) Black box recording to store tens of events with time (main power off, fault, warning) . The data stored in battery-powered memory will last for more than ten years

(4) Large LCD interface
(5) Various warning and protection threshold values set with key pad

(6) Fire joint act function and real remote supervision