Sell DPP-250B Flat-Plate Type Injection Blister Packaging Machine

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Product Description
The product is the new machine which can pack the injection, oral liquid and medical device. The machine has advanced function and operates simply. Adopted PLC programmable control system, professional feeder (it can be designed as customer requirement) , and human mechanical transmission, it is operated easily. You can improve the packing level of your products, increase additive value and save the cost of packing. The machine can be linked with boxing machine of our factory.

Performance and characteristic
Travel scope can be adjusted. Mould is located by locating pin, which makes it easy to change mould. The machine heats the PVC through conduction and forms it through pressing and frothing.
Feed material automatically. It can design the mould and feeder as user's requirement.
Interface of human-machine, PLC programmable control system, Speed is shifted by step-less transducer, synchronizing accurately.
Adopted photoelectric empty-detecting equipment and waster-eliminating equipment.
The heating moulds will automatically separate when the machine stops, which contributes to protect the material between them and extend the machine's life.

Main technical data:
1. Blanking frequency (times/min) :10-35
2. Sheet's quantity of one blanking (sheets/time) :4
3. Capacity (sheets/hour) :2400-8400
4. Adjustable scope of feed travel (mm) :40-160
5. Max. Forming area and depth (mm) :240W160W28
6. Capacity of air compressor (m3/min) :>=0.36
7. Power supply:380V 50Hz 4.5KW
8. Wrapper specification (width WThickness) :
PVC for medicine:250W(0.15-0.5)
PTP Aluminum foil:250W(0.02-0.035)
Dialysis paper:250W(50-100g)
9. Overall dimensions (LWWWH) :280W650W1400 mm
10. Weight:1200 Kg
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