Sell DPP-250EI AL-AL/AL-PVC Blister Packing Machine

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The DPP-250EI based on the concept of the DPP-250E and DPP-250D, the DPP-250E is a very compact, economical and flexible blister machine. It is the most suitable blister capsules, tablets, The DPP-250EI can thermoform or cold-form the blisters using multi-plicate the currently available packaging materials.

1. Compact and simple structure
2. Stainless steel Construction
3. Conform to GMP standards
4. Auto Feeding
5. Automatic rejection of blisters
6. Can work with multi-plicate packaging materials
7. CE certified

1. Print registration
2. Servo Motion
3. Vision inspection system
4. ALU micropore detector
5. Can be connected to a cartoner
4200 * 650 * 1700 mm
Model Number
Minimum Order Quantity
Power Requirements
380V 50Hz 5.5Kw