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This machine is widely used for packing tablets, capsules and other similar shape solid articles with alu-plastics & alu-alu blister in pharmaceutical, chemical, foodstuff industries. The machine can finish the following actions automatically: Aluminium foil or Plastic (PVC) blister forming, automatic material feeding, PTP alu-foil press and heat-sealing, press the batch number & perforation and punching.

1. Speed controlled by frequency inverter, the stroke can be adjusted under the stroke range
2. Adopt modular moulds, it is easy and convenient to install, adjust and change over the mould.
3. Adopt PLC +touch screen control system, can indicate the trouble cause, its easy to operate and maintain.
4. Both alu-alu and alu-plastics blister packaging can be realized via change the concerned parts.
5. The photoelectric register device (Optional) can be equipped, make the blister sheet more beautiful.
6. Machine can be separated two parts, entering into 1.5m elevator and finished segmented clean workshop is available.
Technical Parameters:
Machine Model DPP-250EII
Output 48 000-208 000 Capsules or tablets/Hour
Punching Times 20-40 Punches for Alu/PVC, 15-25 Punches for Alu/alu
Stroke Length 30-120mm -Special Stroke can reach to 160mm
Max. Forming Area & Depth 112W245W18mm for alu/pvc (LengthWwidthWdepth) -special forming depth can reach to 30mm
112W245W16mm for alu/alu (LengthWwidthWdepth)
Packaging Material PVC: (0.15-0.40) W250mm (thicknessWwidth)
Forming Alu-foil: (0.15-0.20) W250mm (thicknessWwidth)
PTP Lid Alu-foil: (0.05-0.17) W250mm (thicknessWwidth)
Air Supply Clean Compressed Air: 0.6-0.8 Mpa >=0.38M3/min
Power Supply 380V110%, 50/60Hz, 3ph 5.7Kw (nonstandard Voltages upon request) .
Water Supply Cooling water for mould: Running Water 80L/h, (Water cooler-optional)
Machine Size/N. W. 3500W650W1560mm Net Weight: 1700KG