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This machine is one kind of alu/pvc/alu blister packaging equipment, it is designed on the basis of the DPP-250EII blister packaging machine, the machine body has been lengthened and increased the second alu-foil forming station and second heat-sealing station and realized the second heat-sealing and covered another alu-foil on the PVC side of the alu/pvc blister sheet. So the sealing effect is better, and protect the medicine from the sunlight and enhances the products grades. The machine also can realize the alu/pvc packing, and also can be equipped with the tablets-absent automatic checking and rejecting system. It also can be connected with the cartoning machine. Compared with the alu-alu packing, it can reduce the cost about 30%.

Technical Parameters:
Machine Model DPP-250EIII
Output 42 000-80 000 Capsules or tablets/Hour
Punching Times 15-25 Punches/min
Stroke Length 30-120mm
Max. Forming Area & Depth 112W245W16mm (LengthWwidthWdepth)
Packaging Material PVC: (0.15-0.40) W250mm (thicknessWwidth)
Forming Alu-foil: (0.08-0.12) W250mm (thicknessWwidth)
PTP Lid Alu-foil: (0.05-0.17) W250mm (thicknessWwidth)
Air Supply Clean Compressed Air: 0.6-0.8 Mpa >=0.50M3/min
Power Supply 380V110%, 50/60Hz, 3ph 5.7Kw (nonstandard Voltages upon request) .
Water Supply Cooling water for mould: Running Water 90L/h, (Water cooler-optional)
Machine Size/N. W. 5000W650W1600mm Net Weight: 2000KG