Sell DR-2100  Electric printing marking machine

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The device is applied in marking on a variety of metals with the application of electrochemical principle, such as stainless steel, carbon steel, all kinds of alloy steel, tool steel, carbide, aluminum, chrome, nickel, zinc, all kinds of grinding, polishing metal surface. Apply to fight logo, product names, technical indicators, trade names, security matters, and the production of high-grade stainless steel plate, shell marking, etc. .
Characterized by regular, clear, durable, non-color, do not fall off, high temperature, organic solvent scours. Whether the product size, flat or curved, sheet can be printed. Print fine, deep in the 5-100um, easy to operate, just a few seconds you can finish it, do not dry-curing.
Having a beautiful logo, improving product appearance grade. Enhancing product anti-counterfeiting capabilities, quality, it is ease of tracking, build brand image. Today, nearly a thousand customers are useing electrification marking machine, they have a good response after using. This is your guarantee of confidence in the aircraft purchase.
It Can be accessed by automatic production line, foot switch, power maximum. easy to control , high power, easy to operate, elegant appearance, with a delayed two high-power capabilities. It is applicable to users which have large-scale, high demanding .
Making the template of contents which you want to print(large-volume system, screen templates, small quantities can be printed waxed paper template) , and then put the template on the workpiece , put the electrodes of the machine on it, and pressure it about 1 -- 2 seconds , remove the electrodes, a beautiful logo that is printed out, and never fall off.
Scope of application:
Hardware tools, medical equipment, plumbing equipment, alloy, measuring tools, machine parts, instruments, kitchen utensils, gear bearings, valve plate, vehicle parts, stainless steel products, copper and aluminum products.

Technical parameters:
Maximum output power:
Maximum Output Current:
AC output voltage:
Timing range:
Marker Color: Black or white