Sell DR-AY10CO2 Laser Marking Machine

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CO2 laser is a gas laser, which produces a wavelength of 10.65m, belonging to the mid-infrared band, CO2 lasers have relatively large power and relatively high electro-optical conversion efficiency, is the most powerful of a laser. CO2 laser , with CO2 gas as the working material, will be CO2 and other ancillary gas filled into the discharge tube, while increasing the height of the electrode voltage discharge generated glow discharge, we can release the gas laser, the laser energy will be released after amplification , we can carry out laser processing. Large laser power, power is controlled by software, continuously adjustable. 1, laser power high
2, power is controlled by software, continuously adjustable 3, a wide scope of marking
4, mark a clear, easy to wear, cutting efficiency is high 5, engraving free to control the depth of 6, processing costs are low, without supplies

Application of materials and industrial applications
A variety of non-metallic materials can be engraved. Applicable to leather, denim, Plexiglas, acrylic, wood, epoxy resin, unsaturated resin, non-metallic materials and so on. Widely used in leather, wood, fabric cutting, textiles, plastics, signage, architectural ceramics, medicine, rubber products, beverage packaging, crafts, gifts, electronic components, communications, watches, glasses, printing, shell plate, decoration and other industries. Marking the graphics clear and beautiful, without supplies, stable performance, The overall machine will last 30,000 hours maintenance-free .

Technical parameters:
Maximum laser power: 10W
Laser wavelength: 10.645m
Laser repetition frequency: <= 50kHz
Standard engraving range: 110mm W 110mm
Engraving depth: <= 5mm
Engraving line speed: <= 7000mm / s
Minimum line width: 0.1mm
Minimum characters: 0.4mm
Repeat accuracy: 1 0.01mm
Total Power: 0.6KW
The demand for electricity: 220V / single phase / 50Hz / 3A