Sell DR-CS Color Laser Marking Machine

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Based on advanced high-tech concept, color laser marking machine is a Q-switch with adjustable side diode-pumped solid-state laser, which is simple and sturdy design make it more reliable than conventional lasers, and has a very friendly human-computer interface, integrated design.
Color Laser Marking Machine, including functions of scanning head, digital control and monitoring. Users can easily integrate it into a turn-key systems or industrial producing assembly line inside. To create a "laser marking system" is only required for a standard 24V DC power supply and a personal computer with a USB interface. Through a user-friendly LCD touch screen, the operator can easily control and monitor the full range of laser systems. Low energy consumption, maintenance-free, less noise, USB interface, long diode life, this new color laser marking machine laser marking market is undoubtedly another new technology.

1) High reliability 2) High-quality marking 3) longer working life of Diode
4) Extremely small volume 5) Friendly interface 6) Easy integration 7) Very low environmental heat load 8) Dust-proof design
Laser Model
Laser medium
6W average
Pulse width
Frequency 10-200kHz

Beam quality
Class 2M
Power 24Vdc-300w

Air-cooled cooling
Editing /
Integrated laser