Sell DR-DBP50B YAG lamp pumped laser marking machine

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Core components-Imported ceramic laser cavity reflector cavity body, high energy conversion rates, extends the service life of 2-3 times the krypton lamp, the laser threshold is low, the beam quality, easy to maintain, a comprehensive operational costs is the other similar products 50%; Marked effectively of superior speed, never obliterated, repeat accuracy and positioning accuracy is high; Supporting a variety of background software, powerful system, can realize any graphics, text, numbers, shuffling, and a one-time completion of marking. Product Configuration: YAG laser, shock camera and driver, import Q acousto-optic switches and drive continuous laser power supply, F-θ lens, industrial chillers, computer and marking software. Model features: the use of krypton lamp excitation source to do belong to GM models, cost-effective. Pump mode: Lamp-pumped

Applications: sculpturing of metal and a variety of non-metallic materials. You can mark any text and images. Marking the different parameters of the software will come up with different marking effect. This issue should be specifically treated, also marks a number of non-metallic items, but not all. Crafts class effect can be achieved. With the corresponding components, can achieve rotation marking, flight marking (continuous markers) , split marking (large format tags) . It can mark text and fills, vector (line diagram) , bitmap (photo) , all kinds of bar codes, all kinds of serial number. Support the number and time of self-hop set. Itself a lot of graphics and text can be edited.

electronics, telecommunications, electrical appliances, instruments, tools, precision instruments, various keyboards, jewelry, watch glasses, hardware, plumbing, building materials, auto parts, chips and so on. Widely used in electric vehicle frame, motorcycle frame, tourism trailers, golf carts and other metal frame materials, coding and product the Uniform Code. Application materials include: a variety of metals, metal oxides, glass, plastic, etc.
Widely used in automobile, motorcycle parts, aerospace components, integrated circuit chips, food, beverages and tobacco packaging, the phone keypad, battery, electronic components, computer parts and peripherals, hardware tools, stainless steel appliances, electrical appliances, communication products , medical equipment, sanitary ware, watches and clocks jewelry, industrial bearings, wire and cable, clothing accessories and many other fields of graphics and text markup. In the metal (including metals) , electroplating materials, coating materials, coating materials, plastics, rubber, resin, ceramic and other materials on the tag beautiful image.

Performance parameters:
Using of vibration in high-speed lens, reflecting the laser to the specified location. From the crystal Q switch simultaneously control the laser on and off. It completes within a very short period of time marking text and images, the quality of marking up to craft level.
Technical parameters:
Maximum laser power: 50W
Laser wavelength: 1064nm
Beam quality M2: <10
Laser repetition frequency: <= 50kHz
Standard engraving range: 110mm W 110mm
Optional Engraving Range: 50mm W 50mm / 150mm W 150mm / 300mm W 300mm
Engraving depth: <= 0.3mm
Engraving line speed: <= 7000mm / s
Minimum line width: 0.02mm
Minimum characters: 0.3mm
Repeatability: 1 0.003mm
Total Power: 5KW
The demand for electricity: 380V / three phase / 50Hz/19A or 220V / single phase / 50Hz/33A