Sell DR-GQ5A continuous fiber laser marking machine

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Revolutionary new generation of fiber laser marking machine systems:
1, which is small, the semiconductor module and long life (> 500,000 hours) ,
low power consumption (160Q) , high beam quality, USB interface, support WIN98/2000/XP and other operating systems;
2, without harsh environment and climate change impacts; state during power outages can use the battery and car cigarette lighter, etc. to operate. Before the advent of optical fiber lasers, laser marking system, laser source is generally used continuous or pulsed CO2 laser, Nd-YAG laser as light sources. Fiber laser, compared with conventional laser source, performance, superior, diode-pumped laser divergence angle is 1 / 4 (more suitable for sophisticated, fine standard machine industry) ; electro-optical conversion efficiency of flashlamp-pumped solid laser marking machine 1 / 10; the average of working hours will up to 100,000 hours;
3, fiber laser is totally air-cooled, no refrigerator, cooling water pipes and the temperature control unit and other ancillary equipment, the volume reduced, reduce energy consumption, the user cost substantially lower than traditional laser marking system.
4, ETL fiber laser pulse repetition rate of 10-100KHZ work ,5-10-20W average power output of the volume of the fiber laser is only 58CM * 280 * 56CM, weight 10KG; because the laser diode is a voltage, fiber optical devices machine electro-optical efficiency of 70%, drive power in the blackout state can use UPS power support, power consumption is only 160W.

Fiber laser marking machine is suitable for the surface of various materials to laser marking , which are widely used: electronics and communications products, integrated circuit chips, wires and cables, computer accessories and electronics; all kinds of precision parts, hardware tools, instrumentation, aerospace components ; jewelry, clothing, watches, gifts, office supplies, trademark signs, sanitary ware; utensils, food, beverage and tobacco industries shed.

Performance parameters:
Maximum laser output power: 5W
Laser wavelength: 1060nm
Beam quality M2: <2
Laser repetition frequency: 20KHz --- 100KHz
Marking format: 110mm W 110mm / 150mm W 150mm
Marking line width: 0.01-0.1mm
Marking depth: 0.01-0.2mm
Marking speed: <= 12000mm / s
Power requirements: 220V/50Hz/500W
Electricity power: <160W
Size: 460mm * 160mm * 250mm
Total Weight: <10.5KG
Focus spot size: <0.01mm
Semiconductor module life: "500,000 hours
Repeatability: 1 0.003mm
Minimum characters: 0.15mm
Marking wire-speed: 800 characters / second
Computer Operating System: Win98/Win2000/XP
Cooling method: Built-in air-cooled
Control Interface: Standard USB
Acceptable font and document format: WINDOWS operating system fonts for all fonts / fonts (including the national language text / bar code, etc. ) ; BMP / PCX and so on with 256 gray scale image files, and DXF / PLT format for vector graphics file.