Sell DR-MP01 nameplate marking machine

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Metal plate engraves changing the parameters: such as the specific type, date, batch number, serial number, serial number. Typical applications
Mechanical, electric machine, pumps, valves, automobile, electrical applied on the various types of aluminum, copper, stainless steel, plastic nameplates.

Production Background
The traditional ways to seal percussion often result font crooked, irregularly inefficient. For a long time, how to improve the grade signs of industrial enterprises has always been plagued engineering staff.
Our plant development and design of the sign parameters of Unit the gap and solve the lowest prices. Products have been widely recognized as soon as being introduced on the market.
The high-frequency heat treatment of alloy steel under loads turn dial (hand pressure or a rubber hammer to drop) , the metal plate stamped out of a certain depth (0.1 ~ 0.3mm deep) of the letters or numbers; after heating treatment of steel dial can be turned to the desired letter or number, making it easy to replace of the word; the position of engraving and row spacing are adjusted by the specialized machinery agencies; word spacing is relying on manual adjustment; different characters can replace dial high-achieving; Appearance is less than 200 W 130mm clamping a variety of shapes can be engraved signs.

Printing plate material: iron, aluminum, copper, stainless steel, plastic products.
Maximum size printing plate: <= 195mm W 135mm
Digital character wheel includes:
Composed of capital letters: ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRST UV WXYZ
Arabic numerals: 1234567890
Simple symbols:  W / --
Font height Word rounds of specification: 2mm3mm4mm5mm6mm