Sell DR-QD01  The Standard Pneumatic Marking Machine

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Basic principle:
Through the computer control marking pin that according to computer edited of character and graphic tracking movement, and marking pin under the action of compressed air for wok-piece high-frequency shock thus in the workpiece form characters and graphics.
Key Features:
Based on Windows 98 / 2000 / XP / NT platform of operating software editing is powerful, and easier to use. It can be printed in Chinese, English characters, numerals, any graphics, can be make serial number automatically printed, the international standard VIN code printing, scale printing
Main Features:
Compare with Pneumatic marking machine at home and abroad , and our factory of the main plant unique is:
1. It is adopted lift check valves two-column structure , wider adoption , and more accurate positioning. (General marker for the single column)
2. It is used four square imported linear guide to print exquisite degree of greatly improvment , thus achieve high-speed printing. (Similar pneumatic machine 2 rail)
3. Marking head (needle sets) is adopted special wear-resistant material and is made of a special process, wear resistance greatly increased service life several times. (Ordinary marking scalp sets are used copper production , and that is poor wear resistance, and that wear after the impact of marking delicate degrees)
4. The flat plate fixture is designed compact and connected to the computer, and that can realization of intelligent semi-automatic printing, that accord ergonomic principles , and easy to use particularly. ( Similar marking machine not only have not clamps but also connect with the computer, so it can not be achieved semi-automatic print)
5. Marking head of the exhaust is the creative design of our factory, that both reduce noise and greatly improves the comfort of the operators.
6, Machine have multiple purpose , that the same height dimension finite bench marking machine also can print on any size or any high substance surface at any position . This is my factory of the latest creative design.
7, The same as marking machine and marking head can mark on the iron and steel and in the glue paper (usually pneumatic marking function marking on steel, but it hardly mark paper ) .
1, automobile and motorcycle industry: about automobile body, frame, chassis, girder, engine, connecting rod, cylinder, piston, cylinder liner, gear, water pump, spring steel and other printed serial number, production number, production date, name, trademarks etc ;
2, mechanical industry: all kinds of machinery parts, machine tools, hardware, steel pipe, casing, coupling, cone, pump valves, flanges, fasteners marking;
3, instruments, electrical and mechanical equipment of marking;
4, plastic products, leather mark;
5, It can print in aluminum, copper, stainless steel, PVC and other material signs (plate) data, serial number, production date, etc. ;
6, engraved dials.
Main features:
Print Content: digital, Chinese and English characters, graphics,
Character size: Any adjustment
Print Depth: 0.02-1mm (adjustable, with material related)
Print speed: 1500-2500 mm / min
Print materials: standard needle hardness HRC55 degree the following metals and non-metallic, HRC93 degree of super-hardness of the needle above applies to HRC55 degree
Printing surface: flat or bumpy surface of not more than 3mm
Power Supply: AC220V 1 10% 50Hz
Air Pressure: 0.3-0.7MPa
Air consumption: 3L / S
Power: 300W (not including air compressor)
Repeatability: 0.02-0.05mm
Working environment: normal work environment
Function Description: loaded plate fixture (optional accessories) can be easily semi-automatic engraving plate, remove plate fixtures (some of the simple need to replace the corresponding fixture) after printing machinery spare parts
Application range: Auto parts, machinery parts, machine tools, hardware, pump valves, mechanical and electrical equipment, plastic products, plate (nameplate)
Main configurations: host marking machine, pneumatic marking controller, pneumatic marking the driver (software CD-ROM)