Sell DS Linker 8G / 16G for NDS/NDSL

DS Linker 8G / 16G for NDS/NDSL You May Also Be Interested In: flash cart
DS linker 16G for NDS/NDSL
The DSLinker is a revolutionary storage, homebrew and media player flash cart compatible with all DS Lite and original DS consoles.
The DSLinker does NOT require the use of a passme, external memory, the same size as an ordinary DS cart.
Its plug and play in its finest hour, the DS writer like a GBA cartridge can be very easy to write game into DSLinker built-in memory 8GBit (1Gbyte) , 16GBit (2Gbyte) .

Original Size
No Flashme, No Passme, No convert.
Boot from DS slot directly
Built-in memory design
Clear ROM support directly
Soft RESET Support
Multi-games support
U-Disk Operation, just Drag 'n Drop
MoonShell support, MP3 & Movie.