Sell DSA-1 Surface Active Agent for Drilling Fluid

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DSA-1 Surface Active Agent for Drilling Fluid
Using the surface active agent in drilling fluid is a important trend in mud technology. Because of some active agent have the function of changing the wet of the clay surface. After using professional surface active agent in the mud can improve stability of the system in high temperature, reduce the amount of the dealing agent, falling the high temperature loss water, improve the quality of mud pie, reduces bit balling and sticks calorie probability, that reduces the mud an elasticity, has prominently falls the PV effect to the high density mud.

1. Introduction
DSA1 make Fluorine substitute for hydrogen and form carbon fluorinelipophilic group active agent which equip good stability and chemical inertness and three high two hydrophobic, that display that reduces the mud surface tension large scale, enhances the stability in heat temperature and mud lubricating ability, fall the stick cut strength and losing water in heat temperature, reducing the maintaining cost.
2. Mainly performance index
Mainly performance index



White to milk white paste
PH value


Press filtering and losing water amount in freshwater mud ml

surface tension falling rate in distilled water %


3. Package deposit transport
Packing with barrel coating zinc, each barrel net weight is 10011Kg
Its deposited in the storehouse . keeping the storehouse airing and dry.
Its preventing the product from sun and squeezing and breakage.
It is non-flammability, non-explosion, non-toxic and harmless. Transport management according to non-dangerous product.
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