Sell DSR-21-B (instant electrical faucet)

DSR-21-B (instant electrical faucet) You May Also Be Interested In: leakage protection
1) 1 second instantaneous heating.
2) Entirely metal structure.
3) 2 handles operation for cold water and hot water
4) Electric leakage protection.
5) PPO plastic-core insulation between water and electricity for safety.
6) Luxurious design.
1) Temperature: 30 - 600C (adjustable)
2) Rated voltage: 220v
3) Rated frequency: 50Hz
4) Rated input power: 3.4 kw
Metal outward, long service life. Provide continuous hot water in 1 second. Cold water and hot water dealed by 2 handles. Water, electricity, temperature, flow rate adjusting effect with the hot wanter-handle. Small volume easy to fix.