Sell DTH hammers (TH79-TH398)  (3.5-16")

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The down-the-hole (DTH) hammer is a new type of valveless hammer driven by compressed air. It is the ideal rock drilling tool with advantages of large impact energy, high penetration rate, long service life, good efficiency of drilling cuttings removal, easy operation, reliable working performance and so on.
They are suitable to use in:

1. Drilling blasting holes, drainage and ventilating holes, center holes of raising boring, deep blasting holes in traditional drilling and blasting method of raising, pipe holes and other deep holes in all of various strength rocks in open pit and underground mining.

2. Drilling holes in road cutting and other stone constructions (e. G. Ports and hydroelectric station constructions, etc. ) .

3. Drilling water wells, exploratory boreholes and injected holes.
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