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We are a mid-size sliding bearings manufacturer located in China with a history of 8 years. At present, we mainly manufacture the following sliding beairngs:
(1) Oilless self-lubricating composite bearing(DU material) :Steel backing + Porous bronze + PTFE/Pb
(2) Pre-lubricated composite bearing(DX material) :Steel backing + Porous bronze + POM/other fillers
(3) Lubricated bi-metal composite bearing:Steel backing + Porous bronze
(4) Lubricated bronze bearing:Solid bronze
These products are widely used in many manufacturing industries, such as cars, buses, trucks, agricultural vehicles and equipment, recreational equipment,
mining machines and equipment, office equipment, garden, lawn and outdoor equipment, hydraulics and valves, domestic applicances, materials handling, medical and dental equipment, marine industry, packaging equipment, railway equipment, textil equipment, tools etc. Attached please find pictures of our products below.
Our product features good quality, competitive prices, and considerable service.
So if you are interested in our products and are glad to deal with us, just feel free to contact us. We will be very pleased to cooperate with you.
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