Sell DUCTED TYPE AIR CONDITIONERS (Low or high stastic pressure )

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Complete models and wide application-the Yangtze high hydrostatic wide pipe machine is classified into three categories, namely the beat pump type, heat pump and supported electric heating type, heat pump and hot water coil pipe type, with complete models like?HP,4HP,5HP,6HP,8HP, and?0HP(6 in total) , and the refrigerating volume from?.5KW to?5KW, heating volume?.5KW to?8KW, applicable to air conditioning in carious occasions such as in the shopping mall, restaurant, indoor stadium, workshop and so on, all major parts of the refrigerating and control systems are of famous international brands, so that reliable operation can be guaranteed. Microcomputer control, safe and reliable-multi-productions such as over?current, high voltage, low-voltage, anti-frozen, reverse and short-phase, and relay are adopted in the unit, as well as multi-functions like temperature display, automatic supervision over coolant leakage, fault indication; the indoor unit is also endowed with anti-cool wind and anti-over heating functions. Flexible and various modes of installation, space saving-relatively high external residual pressure of the unit facilitates connecting long wide pipe; unit installed above and ceiling to save space and avoid destruction to the indoor layout and facilitate interior decoration. Outdoor unit can be directly installed on the roof, balcony and outdoor rack in flexible and various ways. Quiet operation-the indoor unit adopts highly-efficient centrifugal fan, and three-rank revolving speeds, featuring large air volume and low noise, the operation is in extraordinary muteness. The indoor unit can be furnished with supported electric heater and hot water coil pipe-the Yangtze high hydrostatic wind pipe unit can be customized with supported electric heater or hot water coil pipe, the supported electric heater is specially designed to link with the indoor unit conveniently and placed in front of the air outlet of the indoor unit; the lateral of the heat exchanger of the indoor refrigerating system is designed to have structure for hot water coil pile installation. The supported electric heater and hot water coil pipe serve ad options for the customerschoice. The inside metal wall of the indoor unit is pasted with sound-and-heat-insulation material-noise-absorbing and heat-protection materials are used in the metal sheet inside of the indoor unit, so that the operation noise is low, and the sewing on the shell is avoided. There are two options for the air outflow direction with the indoor unit, horizontal and vertical, the nit can be installed by hanging to the ceiling or erecting on the floor. Convenient maintenance and repair-maintenance and repair to the interior of ceiling?hung indoor unit can be realized by loosening several screws at the two sides, the(optional) filter net of(large) unit is of folded design, and is easily drawn out for cleaning. Economical and practical, with less investment-the serial high hydrostatic wind pope units are all of air-cooled type, able to realize concentrated air supply, and separate control over the domains of various units through air valve. the machine requires less investment and is economical and practical.
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