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Item No. : KBMB 10
DVB-T Digital TV Receiver USB2.0 Box
Turbosight DVB-T USB Box is a wireless digital TV receiver. It connect to PC&Notebook with USB2.0

interface. The size is small to put in pocket, receive TV signal under moving condition.
OS supports
Windows 2000 SP4, with DirectX 8.1 or above installed
Windows XP SP2 with DirectX8.1 or above installed
PC requirements
500MHz CPU or above
8Mbytes Video RAM or above
128Mbytes RAM or above
USB2.0 support
50Mbytes free size in hard disk
Other requirements
If the signal quality is fine, an antenna is no needed
If the signal quality is bad, a simple antenna is needed
Software functions overview
1, Digital TV or Radio signal playing
2, Recording and Pre-set Recording schedule
3, Recording file playback
4, Time-shifting
5, Still picture capture
6, Preview
7, EPG
8, Teletex
9, Drag position, Fast forward, Rewind when play back
10, Multi language switch
11, Recall
12, Favorite list support
13, TV mode and full screen support
14, R/C support
Hardware Features:
* Input impedance: F-type 75 Ohm
* Input frequency range : 950~2150 MHz
* Symbolrate support: 1~45Msps
* LNB supply voltage: 13V/18V
* Support DiSEqC1.1/1.2
DVB-T Box Tuner: Philips
Protocol Supports:
Compatible with DVB Standard
Supports MPEG2 Video/Audio /AC3 Stream
Support USB2.0 interface
Doesn?t support USB1.1 interface