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Model Number: DVD-283

1. Compatible with DVD, SVCD, VCD, HDCD, CD-R, CD/RW, DVD/RW DVD-AUDIO, MP3, WMA and CD. 2. AC-3, HDCD and DTS decode with audio signal output by 5-1 Sound Track. 3. Multi-angel Multi-language, Multi-mode play and ipher lock. 4. Fast-forward, fast-back, Slow-motion play, Zoom-in, Frame-to-Frame player. Repeat play, time play, memory play. 5. Super-range operation Voltage powered by advanced Electronic Switch. 6. Compound Visual, S-Pin and Chromatism signal output. 7. Coaxial and fiber Digital audio signal output. And VGA output 8. . Bio-microphone input, KTV Sound track option, mix digital sound, Audio control