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BR Tech DVD+/-R 4X / 8X / 16X Recordable Disc

Specifications DVD+R DVD-R
Disc type Single side; single layer Single side; single layer
Disc diameter 120mm/80mm 120mm/80mm
Disc thinkness 1.2mm +0.10/-0.06mm 1.2mm +0.10/-0.06mm
Data capacity 4.7GB/1.4GB 4.7GB/1.4GB
Record speed 4x / 8x / 16x 4x / 8x / 16x
Dye type Cyanine or Azo Cyanine or Azo
Recording wavelength 650nm circular polarization 650nm circular polarization
Read power <1mW <1mW
Shelf life 50 years (-20C to 50C; <50% RH) 50 years (-20C to 50C; <50% RH)
DVD-R book version 2.0 General 2.0 General

Major QC Parameters DVD+R DVD-R
Jitter DC <8% <8%
PI8ECC <100 <100
I14M >0.6 >0.6