Sell DVP-720A - fiber optic splicer

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fibers types: Singlemode(ITU-T G.652) , Multimode(ITU-T G.651) , Dispersion shifted(ITU-T G.653) , Non-Zero dispersion shifted(ITU-T G.655)
Fibers Cladding: 1005m to 1505m
Fibers Coating: 1005m to 10005m
Fiber Cleave Length: 8 to 16mm with coating diameter of 2505m or less.
16mm with coating diameter of 2505m to 10005m.
Splicing mode: Auto & Manual
Average Splice Loss: 0.02dB with G.652, 0.01dB with G.651 and 0.04dB with G.653 and G.655
Return Loss: 60dB or greater
Operation Temperature: -25~ + 500
Humidity 0-95%RH
Atmospheric Compensation: Automatic up to 4000 mertes altitude with temperature and humidity compensation
Storage environment: -40 ~ +80 0
Protection Sleeve length: 20mm,40mm,60mm
Proof Test: 2N standard
Language: Selectable
Interface: RS232 interface & video output.
AC adaptor: 176 - 264V input voltage
Internal Battery: 12V voltage,10Ah, up to 130 times of continuous splices and heats.
DC adaptor: 12V voltage, optional multipurpose external battery.
Dimensions(W*H*D) : 160*180*202mm
Weight: 4.4kg