Sell DVR---Stand-Alone DVR

DVR---Stand-Alone DVR You May Also Be Interested In: ethernet connector
Model: KDR-804M / KDR-808M / KDR-816M
Video Input: PAL (625L/F, 50F/S) NTSC (525L/F, 60F/S) 1-4ch Composite video input (BNC connector,1Vp-p,75(Ohms) ) / 1-9ch Composite video input (BNC connector,1Vp-p,75(Ohms) ) / 1-16ch Composite video input (BNC connector,1Vp-p,75(Ohms) )
Video Output: PAL (625L/F, 50F/S) NTSC (525L/F, 60F/S)1-ch Composite video output(BNC connector,1Vp-p,75(Ohms) )1-ch VGA output (Frequency: 65~85Hz, Resolution: 480x320 ~1280x1024)
Audio Input: 1-4ch video input (RCA, 20-100mv, 10K(Ohms) ) / 1-8ch video input (RCA, 20-100mv, 10K(Ohms) ) / 1-16ch video input (RCA, 20-100mv, 10K(Ohms) )
Audio Output: 1-ch audio output RCA, 20-100mv, 10K(Ohms) )
Compression Arithmetic: Video compression: H.264, Audio compression: G.722Real-time display (704x576) , VGA output (480x320~ 1280x1024)
Image Resolution: Video compression CIF (352*288) Half-D1(704*288)
Audio Sampling: 8K samplings/sec. , 16bit/sampling
Recording Definition: High: Half-D1, Low: CIF
Image Quality: From high to low: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6
Data statistic: Half-D1: image quality 1. 350M/H 2. 250M/H 3. 200M/H 4. 160M/H 5. 130M/H 6. 100M/H CIF: image quality 1. 150M/H 2. 100M/H 3. 80M/H 4. 70M/H 5. 50M/H 6. 40M/H
Operating System: RTOS
Network Connector: 10M/100M Ethernet connector
Power supply: 220V130%,50Hz13%,110V120%,60Hz13% selectable
Consumption: (Not contain HD) 30W(4 channels) , 50W(9 channels) , 95W(16 channels)
Measurement : 440x520x130(L x W x H)
Net Weight: 9.4kg / 9.6kg / 15kg
Brand Name
CE, SGS, ISO9001
Condition of Goods
Model Number
KDR-804M/808M /816M