Supports each group video with independent color and brightness control.

s2ch real-time or 4ch near real-time monitoring

Support to search the DVR document according to date sequence and multi-channel playback, speed control, pictures printing , image catch when playback.

Support the motion-detection in each channel designated area , and equip with alarm system, attach pictures and email, video recorded, and the sensitivity of the move detection could be adjusted.

Remote viewing / recording (backup) / playback / PTZ control by IE ( this Functions is excellent ) .

Real-time video compression, low hard disk consumption, 30 -150M per hour of action for each channel.

Able to create new users and right management

Support dynamic IP by dynamic domain name

Support watermark technology,

Support PTZ control

Support multi -channel real time remote view/playback by IE browse

Support insert 6 card in the same PC at most , form to 24 channel monitoring