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KVC-9008T Hardware Compression Card

Product Introduction

Channels supported 8~24 chs
Operation System Windows 2000/XP
Computer Sources Preview several channels at the same time, record, play back
Assistant capability an set the video parameter of the video signal; support motion detection, target detection, OSD, logo and area screen, water mark, and double
Decode Capability provide dynamic AVI image capture, support Windows Media Player
Network transmission has the network transmission auto recover function, network transmission delay is less than one second, support TCP/ UDP/ MULTI transmission, support dynamic domain name resolution, support VPN mode visit
Compatibility Capability has good compatibility with main board and video card
Technical parameter
Video Compression H.264 base line, compression rate: 64K-2Mbps
Audio compression ITU G.726 audio compression
Video Input 8-ch complex simulate video signal
Video sound input 8-ch sound lines input
Audio sampling rate 8KHz
Video output rate 20Kbps-4Mbps
Audio output rate 24Kbps, support 16Kbps
Support mode PAL/ NTSC
Frame 25F/S/CH (PAL) , 30F/S/CH (NTSC)
Preview Support mode Overlay/DirectDraw/RGB/Preview
Preview resolution 352W288, horizontal lines 300, perpendicular lines 300
Playback resolution 352W288, horizontal lines 270, perpendicular lines 280
PAL: 352W288(CIF) ,176W144(QCIF)
NTSC: 320W240(CIF) ,160W120(QCIF)
Hardware technical parameter
PCI Spec PCI2.1criterion, 3.3V, 33MHz
Video input interface BNC connector, 1PPV, 75ohm
Audio input interface RCA connector, 2PPV, 560ohm
Video output interface BNC connector, 1PPV, 75ohm
Working voltage range 5V110%, 3.3V110%
Power Waste 3.3V 0.44A, 5V 1.19A
Environment temperature -10 ~ +500
Environment humidity < 80%RH