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We are a Korean DVR, DVR board/card manufacturer related to Surveillance , Monitoring, CCTV System , engaged in telecommunication products since 1994.

Our DVR, DVR board, card is PC type DVR, DVR board , not stand alone type. We ship our DVR boards to Canada, USA & Europe, Japan and South Asia.
Our DVR boards are being supplied for Home & office DVR system that can use Window system and DVR system together in one PC.

We call a kit of development for the DVR boards as SDK.
For catalogues, please see the Catalogue/Documentation in SUPPORT of our Web site. If you see The User manual/ Install manual in the support of our Home page, you will understand more. Please read Bulletins & FAQ on the right top side of our Web Site. And I hope you to see our DVR Demo program.
Catalogue/Documentation in SUPPORT of our Web Site. In DVR business, Quality, After sales Service, Quick solution, Stability, Net working program are much more important .
Ordering quantity,
There is no limit in minimum order , can go on step by step from small quantity.
Our overseas clients say that our DVR, DVR board shows the best quality among models that they have received from various suppliers.

Brand Name
OEM or Orient Lux
Warranty Coverage
1 year