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Philips SAA7130HL Vedio decode Chipset
8CH Video Input (NTSC/PAL)
Display 240fps(NTSC)200fps(PAL)
Recording :240fps(NTSC) ,200fps(PAL)
Resolution:640*480(NTSC) 704*576(PAL)
Compression S/W: MPEG-4/H.264
Alarm control
Use alarm box to make alarm function. RS232/RS485 Communication, max 255 channels alarm input/output.
8 channels input/output each alarm box.
Automatic record when alarm is triggered.
Can control automatic record time when alarm is triggered.
Support channels alarm output, can connect to light, bell, etc. alarm device.
Support motion detection and alarm areas settable
Automatic record when motion detection is triggered, then display the electronic map.
P/T/Z control
Support more than 50 kinds of decode protocol. Can add protocol for customer.
Support speed dome, matrix controller.
Remote control
Can transmit the video and audio signal through LAN, ISDN, ADSL, DDN, etc.
Support P/T/Z control through the network
Support IE browsing. Built-in web server
Replay video and audio signal through network
1-24 channels real time H.264 hardware compression
Selectable schedule record, manual record, motion detection record, alarm record.
Recorded files can be kept at local hard disk, also support moveable hard disk,
CDR/W to keep the record files for long.
Search files based on date, event and channel. Diff speed F. FW and F. FB 16 channels playback