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1. Hi-performance industrial embedded microprocessors and real-time operating system (RTOS) . Superior reliability in system operation, free from attacks of virus and hackers.

2. 4/8/16 channels full frame rate MPEG4 recording and network streaming, supporting video compression format vary from CIF (352 X 288 pixels) , 2CIF (704 X 288 pixels) to 4CIF (704 X 576 pixels) , frame rate and code ratio programmable real-time.

3. Display resolution: 704X576; recording resolution: 352 X 288 or 704X 576.

4. Supports of recording image mosaic and displaying text and graphics superposition.

5. Various surveillance functions: 1, 4, 8, 9,16 split-screen, PIP/ multi-channel real-time monitor. Support TV monitor or VGA output, and video loop back output.

6. Supports of manual, alarm (trigger) , schedule recording mode, among which alarm recording and motion detection recording are of pre-recording function with time parameter adjustable.

7. Supports X2, X4 fast play, pause, stop, 1/2, 1/4, 1/25 slow play and playback frame by frame.

8. Without installing HD, it can be used as a multi-channel real-time network encoder.

9. Color graphic OSD Menu, easy operation.

10. Supports WEB browser, net client can manage many sets of DVRs simultaneously. Built in IP switch matrix function. Real time search of live and recorded videos.

11. Camera control (Pan, Tilt and Zoom) , support various protocols.

12. Internal CD writer (optional) .

Main Functions

1. Real-time surveillance
(1) 1/4/8/9/16, split-screen surveillance
(2) Support VGA display, monitor display

2. Video Compression
(1) MPEG4 fixed code ratio or flexible code ratio
(2) 4/8/16 channels synchronous recording

3. Video Function
(1) Image mosaic setting
(2) Text and graphic superposition

4. Record/Playback
(1) Multiplexing operation: during independent full and real-time record on each channel, single channel or multi-channel synchronous local playback index or multi-channel network video query and playback are all possible
(2) Multi-record mode: manual record, alarm (trigger) record, schedule record, motion detection record. And has motion detection and external alarm pre-record function
(3) During playback, picture-in-picture and multi-picture real-time surveillance is possible
(4) Support multi-channel playback.
(5) Fast indexing, back up and playback both in common record and alarm record mode
(6) Multi-mode of playback: X2, X4 fast playback, 1/2, 1/4, 1/25 slow-speed playback, pause, single frame back/forward, multi-channel synchronous playback etc.

5. Control Function
(1) Support RS485 P/T/Z encoder
(2) Multi-P/T/Z and dome control

6. Network Control
(1) Multi-user remote (network) real-time surveillance
(2) Multi-user remote backup and playback
(3) Support one user multi-channel remote playback
(4) Pan/Tilt/Zoom Control
(5) System configuration and software update
(6) Remote alarm management and system log view
(7) Client supports multi-camera management
(8) Support WEB browser

7. Alarm Trigger Function
(1) 4/8/16 channels external IO alarm input, video loss alarm, dynamic detection alarm. Alarm device could be smoke detector, temperature detector, infrared detector, etc.
(2) Multi-Relay switch value alarm output, convenient realization of alarm trigger and on-spot light control
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