Sell DVR

Model Number : FD-D3724
1. TRIPLEX operation, multi client 4 users
2. Modified H.264 video compression
3. Recording speed: 120 fps max.
4. Video resolution: 704x480, 704x240, 352x240 (NTSC) , 704x576, 704x288, 352x288 (PAL)
5. 4 loop-through, comp. /S-VHS output / VGA out (option)
6. Audio and alarm inputs / outputs
7. Network connectivity by static or dynamic IP (DHCP, DDNS) support
8. Optional secondary storage / archiving via USB and CD-RW in . avi format file
9. 3xHDD (Standard DC supply)
10. Live picture and playback
11. RS-485 interface for PTZ control
12. Full graphic user interface
13. Soft style power button prevents system failure by wrong operation