Sell DW15-630series Multi-purpose Circuit Breaker

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This series circuit Breaker is suitable in rated current 100A to 630A, rated voltage is 380V to 1140v, AC50HZ. They are mainly used to distribute electricity, protect power line, the power supply equipments overload, lack of voltage and short circuit in the electricity distribution line. In the normal condition, they could be used in the infrequent transformation of the power line and the infrequent start of the engine.
Working condition
1: Ambient temperature: upper limit +400, lower limit -50.
2: Altitude: No exceeding 2000m.
3: Class of pollution: Class 3.
4: Daily temperature difference: No exceeding 350.
5: air condition: the air relative humidity can not higher than 50% in the air temperature of 400. the monthly average highest mean humidity is 90% in the most humidity month . Besides this months lowerst average tempreture is +250. And take consideration of the condensation happens on the products surface when the temperature changes.