Sell DWD-2401: home ECG

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DWD-2401: home ECG
1. Ordinary people can understand ECG by "Home ECG".
Home ECG is a new type of heart health care instrument. It display digitally five type of the most important ECG parameters. So ordinary people without professional background can understand easily.
2. You can check your heart anytime and anywhere you wanted.
"Home ECG" is suitable for people to monitor heart outside hospital, at home, office etc. It has the following features: small size, convenient use, not confined to places and time, long monitoring time, alarm when the parameter beyond the preset threshold. It is the ideal health care instrument for patients of coronary heart disease, arrhythmia and high blood pressure. For sub health people, it is a good method to evaluate heart status.
3. Provide for you a heart insurance.
Using "Home ECG", you can monitor heart in real time. It helps prevent heart disease from happening and is also a good guidance for exercise. User may know his heart status by observing the data displayed on the LCD, especially on some special time such as eating, sleeping, toilet, running etc. It is also a reference to evaluate the medicine effect.

Five types of ECG parameter are displayed:
Heart rate :
Normal: 60~100 beats per minute,
Tachycardia: more than 100 beats per minute;
Bradycardia: less than 60 beats per minute.
ST segment:
"Elevation" and "Depression" indicate heart ischmia. Normal range is " 0.1~ 0.2".
Qrs amplitude:
High blood pressure patient with "high" QRS amplitude indicate myocardial hypertrophy.
check "ventricular premature beat" and "atrial premature beat" and alarm each time when such event happened.
Pacemaker signal:
for patient with pacemaker, it can check the Pacemaker signal and make a judgment if the pacemaker work well.