Sell DXDK140E/140IIE Intelligence Packaging Machine

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The process of measuring, bag- making, filling, sealing, printing and cutting can be done automatically.
The packaging machine can pack many kinds of material such as grain, powder, liquid and tablet, etc.


Grain kind: The thin grain material such as leech Dom of dosage or pill kind, sugar, coffee, fruit grain, tea, monosodium glutamate, salt, desiccant, seed, etc.

Packaging Material:

Various Laminate Film, for example: Polypropylene/ Polythene, Polyester/ Aluminum foil/ Polythene, Polyester/ Aluminum- plating/ Polythene, Nylon/ Polythene, Polyester/ Polythene, etc.

Technical Features:

1. It is PLC-controlled with touch panel and digital display to achieve reliable and easy operation.

2. Step motor is applied in bag-making system with high precision.

3. With automatically intelligence tracking system, it can get rid of fake color mark, self-positioning and length fixing automatically.

4. Horizontal and vertical sealing device achieves sealing respectively. Bag pulling and rollers are between horizontal sealers and vertical ones.

5. Cutting while sealing. NO breaking.

6. It is equipped with side-opening shield and detecting mechanism of third class controls paper conveying.

7. With electric calefaction mechanism, the temperature is controlled intelligently.

8. Filling and measuring mechanism is new entirely.

Technical Parameter:
Power: AC380V/50HZ three-phase five-wire system;
Pouch length: (L)50~205 mm;
Pouch width:(W)40~140 mm;
Packaging speed: 28~50 Bag/min;
Filling Capacity: 60~400 ml;

Seal Style: 3-Side/Pillow;
Power Consumption: 1.54 Kw;
Measuring Method: Cup;
Weight: 215 Kg
Dimension: 995 mm (L) X 800 mm (W) X 1975 mm (H)

Optional devices:

1. The above machine may be equipped with hot stamp imprinting machine.

2. The machine that has special bag-size or measuring requirement can be devised and produced specially.