Sell DY-168II automatic warming health bed

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The physiotherapy bed of thermal jade and merges the collateral channels of Chinese medicine to learn the theory to develop according to American-European health care science and technology, it adopts the natural malachite material, utilizes the electric heat principle to make it reach certain temperature, produce stronger electronic diffraction, get up to the human organ to the resonance, stimulate collateral channels, regulate the function protected, realize the vertebra is corrected and massaged, far infrared ray thermotherapy, the roast meat is treated and treats warmly. The modern science and technology indicate the malachite contains such trace elements beneficial to the human body as the zinc, magnesium, copper, selenium, manganese, cobalt, etc. , often can make the trace element among them absorbed to contact by the human skin with the jade, contribute to the coordination balance of human body's physiological function of every organ, thus the efficiency of the health care arises to.

Technical parameter of the products: Voltage of the power: 220V
Power: 150W Voltage of the holding device: DC24V
The adjustable temperature range in succession: 40degree~70degree