Sell DY-D03 Intelligent Electric Bed

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This product is composed of bedstead, electric lifter and multi-function emulsion mattress.
The outer frame of bedstead is made of mahogany(real wood) , with great artistry.
The electric lifter can make a person's back and leg do 60-adjustment from up to down, and the head and the bottom of the lifter are equipped with vibrators with multiple gears which can relax the muscles and quicken the blood circulation when a person sleeps! After the consideration on pathology, the emulsion mattress has innumerable holes with such functions as good ventilation, waterproof and antibiotic characters. When a person sits, the mattress with such functions as good ventilation, waterproof and antibiotic characters . When a person sits , the mattress conforms to the physiological characteristics of protrusion of spinal column to lighten the support of spinal column.
The features of this product are low voltage, low noise and safety, and it is equipped with a controller which can be conveniently used. The model of four separate adjustable parts in succession is designed according to the human engineering, which can bear human's curve and weight. Its warming and comfort let you enjoy superior life