Sell DYNAMIC 3D Decorative Wallpaper, World Unique & Panoramic

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CyberTex was invented as an innovation for futuristic interior decoration material, combined by inventive fluorescence dye printing, high-tech digital graphics, and finally modern 3D arts engineered to be activated under black light lamp, differentiated by its sharpened dynamic 3D touches and product scale with varieties.

This fine interior solution of high resolution is matching to any interior space as a ceiling and wall coverings or murals. Daytime, it looks just elegant wall arts, while it is activated into dynamic 3D panoramas under black light. CyberTex all-purpose interior designs are completely lined up with endless coverings, conspicuous murals, hanging pictures, and borders, with a variety of themes such as night city, space, sea, landscape, sky, dome, classic, sports, beauties, and artist paintings, which are popularly recognized as the perfect mate for hospitalities, commercials, home decor and workstation interior settings in futuristic style. Please meet us at CyberTex. co. kr headquarters in Korea.

CIC boasts the exclusive competitiveness of the product in its manufacturing knowhow and competitive position of supply, as the world largest collections of unique and gigantic interior covering in scale and dynamic 3D quality creation.
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135 x 180 cm
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One Week
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Las Vegas in 3D effect
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0.5 kgs