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Manual press self-generating energy storage flashlight (004)

The 004 model manual press self-generating energy storage flashlight newly developed by our company adopts manual press as the power source to drive the dynamo to generate electricity. The current generated will enter into the rechargeable butteries for storage. During the use, users can start the illumination by pushing the power switch. (For more details, please refer to the diagram instruction printed on the inner box) . It is a kind of environmental protection flashlight, which is the ideal product for tour, household use and gift presentation.

Performance of dynamo:

*Output voltage of dynamo: 7V
*Load current: 42MA
*Charging current: Maximum 45 mA

We have applied for two items of national patents: *200520114683. X
The appearance of the product has thoroughly changed the situation that two unrechargeable button batteries are put into the manual press flashlight as the source of continuous illumination by other manufacturers. After the button batteries are used up, the flashlight will be lighted once after pressing once, which will make the illumination and work be inconvenient.
The shell of the new product adopts Japan transparent ABS. The brightness of LED lamp is above 12000MCD. The LED is a kind of self-condensing illuminant with low energy and high brightness. The brightness at night can illuminate for 3-5 meters that the objects at night can be clearly recognized. The lamp tube and circuit board of switch voltage-stabilization adopts split type. All gears and racks adopt polyoxymethylene engineering plastic with good mechanical and anti-abrasive performance. The flying wheel is cast with zinc alloy. All the parts can guarantee its quality. It is environmental protection without any pollution. It can be used at any time and can generate electricity just through pressing it slightly with hands.
The outline of the new product is designed according to the most comfortable feeling of man palms, manual holding and manual press. It is not only labor saving, but also has good feeling. The flashlight can be charged just through pressing the handle manually. The device for the manual press can be embedded into the inside of the flashlight, which can make the product be more small and convenient to carry.
The outline of the new product adopts four kinds of transparent fashionable colors, which can make the users see the whole procedure of generation in the obscurity. (The color can be produced according to customer requirements)
Manual press flashlight: The manual press generating is economical and convenient. The manual press can make your hands flexible.
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200520114683.X \200530022150.4