DYNAMOMETERS & TEST BENCHES You May Also Be Interested In: chassis dynamometer dynamometer engine dynamometer gear boxes test benches
We manufacture various types of Dynamometers & Test benches, for performance & Endurance testing of Electric Motors, Engines, Gears & Gear boxes, Shafts & Axles, Chassis, Bearings & other Electro-Mechanical transmission products.
Our range includes
1) Eddy Current Dynamometer  in wide Torque rating range from tiny 2 Nm to massive 5000 Nm. In self cooled & Water/coolant cooled version-depends on Power rating. Speeds upto 30000 PM
2) Powder Dynamometer  for testing high Torque at low speed. Torque is controlled right from Zero Speed.
3) Pneumatic Dynamometer
4) Tandem Dynamometer
5) AC Regen Dynamometer
6) Engine Dynamometer
7) Chassis Dynamometer
8) Test Benches
9) Bearing dynamometer.