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Our products:
DYQ series electrical hydraulic jack is a new auto lifting tool and a new patent product, of which the design is original and the operation is simple, safe and reliable.

Technique standard:
Type: DYQA-1.6
Lifting weight: 1600kg
Minimum height: 165mm
Supreme height: 345mm
Voltage(DC) : 12V
Electrical current: <=15A
Weight: 4.5kg
Working Temperature: +450~250
Volume: (LWWWH)124W150W165(mm)
Design characters:
Little volume
Beautiful design
Simple operation
Safe and reliable
Technology advantages:
Just press the button
Lift the auto within one minute
Supreme lifting height is 325mm
Electrical current is less than 15A when loading
Adjust the falling speed of loading and unloading

1 Put the jack to the jack position under the chassis (the piate is underlied on accidented ground) .
2 Put the power plug in the plughold of auto cigarette lighter.
3 Press the power button, the jack will lift the auto slowly. When the auto reaches the height, press the switch off button, the jack will stop lifting.
4 When the work is finished, press the down button to down the auto.
5 Switch off the power and take away the jack.

1. Choose a proper jack in the series according to the type of your vehicle. Do not overload beyond the jackrated capacity.
2. Unprofe sional personnel is not allowed to disassemble the jack.
3. Use a proper input voltage within the jacks specified voltage.
4. Handle the jack with care. Never crash the jack.
5. Do not remain in, on, or get bodily under a vehicle that is being jacked or is only supported by a jack. Support raised loads with appropriate supports.
6. Choose a proper pivot and place the jack under the middle of the pivot.
7. Do not use the jack upside down. Do no incline the jack greater than 10 degree when using it.
8. When using the jack on a slope. fix the four wheels of the vehicle before starting the jack.
9. Use the jack only on flat surfaces. Use hard wood on soft surfaces.
10. Do not block the air hole. its normal for the air hole to exhaust when retracting the jack.
11. When the ram is being raised. if only one cylinder rises, retract the ram completely and restart the jack.
12. The jack only usesHai Pai #20 dense hydraulic oil. There is no need to add oil when using the jack. Never use any other different kinds of oil to fill the cylinder.
13. This jack is NOT expolsion-proof and waterproof. Do not use the jack in a combustible environment.

Brand Name
Supply Capacity
1,000 Units Per Month
Available Colors
Condition of Goods
124 x 150 x165 mm
Lead Time from Order to Shipment
60 days
Model Number
Minimum Order Quantity
100 units
Power Requirements
Patents or Trademarks
Patent #962496375
Terms of Payment
L/C at sight
Terms of Sale
FOB Shenzhen