Sell DZ47-63(C45N) Mini Circuit Breaker

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We supply Mini Circuit Breaker MCB (L7, L7B, L71, C65N, C45N, NC100-H, DPN)
Residual Current Operated Circuit Breaker RCCB (F7, F360, NFIN, ID, FIN, FI100,5SM1, DZ28)
Residual Current Operated Circuit Breaker With Integral Over-current Protection RCBO (LD7, C65L, PZ30)
AC contactor, Isolating Switches.

DZ47-36(C45N) Circuit Breaker is used in lighting distribution system or motor distribution system for protecting overload and short circuit in the system. The product is neoteric in structure, light in weight, reliable and excellent in performance. The products comply with IEC60898 & GB 10963