Sell Dan Sweet-B

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Name : DanSweet-B
Explain:Mixed sweeteners
MainIngredients:Aspartame, Sodium Cyclamate, sodium saccharine and Glucose
Sweetness: 100 times. (compared with sucrose solution)
Package specification : 1kg/packet
1kg*10/ctn or1kg*25/drum
Nature : Food Ingredient
Application : Used in beverage, high fructose syrup, fruit juice, cold drink, dairy products, preserved foods, bakery foods, confectionery and so on food industry.
Ways:Weight it, then put them into utensil and compound with other materials after solubling absolutely.
Pay attention to:
1. Donnt lay up the solution too long
2. You can compound more containers according to the needs.
3. You can compound them according to the process in batches and in order.
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