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Bloated eye bags and panda eyes are the enemies of all beauty-loving females. Men who lead busy lifestyles are not spared either. Dark circles and eye bags are formed due to the external factors of sleep deprivation, over-fatigue, excessive usage of cosmetics, etc. However, the underlying cause is in the thinning of the dermis connective tissues, resulting in loss of elasticity and tone. The most obvious change in the connective tissues lies in the reduction of various biological activities in the dermis, which in turn leads to dehydration and subsequent decomposition of the collagen and elastic protein. At the same time, the mutation, adhesion and coagulation of hemoglobin cells bring about obstructed circulation in the lower eye structure, slower blood flow, greater blood volume, higher oxygen consumption and increase in oxygen-deficient hemoglobins. The end result would be wrinkles, eye bags and dark circles.

To alleviate dermis dehydration and enhance capillary function, it is vital to first improve metabolic functions and strengthen the moisture-retention properties of cells. Many would think that having sufficient sleep is all it takes to remove dark eye rings. However, for their effective eradication, we need to start with the daily routines of eye care.

Function - Firms up skin around the eyes, removes dark circles and eye bags.

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