Sell Dead Sea Body Scrub

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Dead Sea Salt  Body scrub
This is the actual salt of the Dead Sea, the lowest place on earth. (What differentiates us from other companies is that our salt comes from the lowest levels of the dead sea- not the upper ones, where the concentration of minerals is highest and in the highest quality) . It removes the dead skin (like stretch marks) and then the butter (shea butter) restores the elasticity of your skin. Also use it before shaving your legs to remove hairs from under your skin.
2 actions take place when using this: 1. Exfoliation of the skin= getting rid of dead cells of the skin. You want this to happen in order to moisturize your real live skin, underneath the dead skin. (If you would put lotion on dead/dry skin, it wont penetrate, so when you wash your hands, you also wash the lotion, so you are just wasting time and money) .
2. Rejuvenation- helping the skin to restore new, healthy, young cells.
It's based sweet almond oil, sunflower oil, jojoba oil, grape seed oil and aromatic oils.
You take even less than a quarter spoon, put it on your hands and rub in circular motions to open up the pores, preparing the skin for the butter, so your skin absorbs 90% of it. So then the moisturized feeling lasts u longer. Just think your entire body can be this moisturized. Thats the reason you only use this once a week. So, this jar can last you for up to a year. (If you have eczema, psoriasis- use it every day until cured and then keep using once a week.
This also cleans you very deeply, and you get rid of dirt, germs, chemicals, and bacteria. Smelly feet are not so smelly anymore. U have to use it on dry skin only, not in the shower, and dont put your hand inside because you'll take too much and u will contaminate it also. Put a spoon inside, so you dont take too much.
You can use this all over your body, from the neck down. (Elbows, knees, legs) . When youre rubbing your feet, do it for about a minute (thats where you have the roughest skin) .
This salt also prevents/controls skin diseases, such as: psoriasis, eczema, dry skinAs long as you are using the salt, you wont have psoriasis, once you stop, it will resume. (You cant heal a genetic disease) .
When you use lotion- its pretty much meaningless  its just sits on the top layer of your skin; if this is your skin (spread your fingers) - lotion goes over the skin, but the salt opens up the pores to the inner layers of your skin. So theres about 20% absorption, BUT- if you put lotion right now, while your pores are still open- there will be 90% absorption! So you are really using every bit of your lotion and not wasting any.