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La Cure Whitening Cream is an advanced super revitalize whitening formula. This cream combined with Natural Fruits Extracts and Vitamin E is the ultimate aid to flawless skin. It assists in diminishing dark spots while energizing and hydrating your skin. Suitable for all types of skin and to be used evening time only.

Dead Sea Salt, whitening active agent of natural origin, apple extract and vitamin E.
 After deep cleansing your skin with La Cure Cleansing Milk and refreshing it with La Cure Facial Toner apply every morning and evening la cure whitening cream on the areas affected by pigmentation or skin areas required for treatment.
 Massage carefully until the product is completely absorbed.
 For best result use for 3-6 months.
 Pigment marks are minimized and discolored
 Whitening effect on dark complexions.
 Facilitates desquamation of dead cells improving dry skin conditions
 Softer, translucent and more radiant complexion
Brand Name
La Cure