Sell Decompressor for CNG fueled vehicles

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1. Components of this device: This device consists of CNG-reserving system, decompression system as well as the ratio air-CNG blend supply system.
2. Working principle: CNG-reserving system: The natural gas with the pressure of 20MPa enters into the high-pressure CNG cylinder with an average capacity of 50-80L, Then it is reserved. For every once service, natural gas of 10L is supplied by teh CNG filling station. And the thermal-physical characteristics of natural gas per cubic meter equals that of 1.1L petrol.
3. Performance
a) Performance of high pressure CNG cylinder; the nominal working pressure of high-pressure CNG cylinder is 20MPa with the cubage of 50-80L. Because off the high pressure it should be examined periodicallyby professonal institutions. Impact is not allowed during working.
b) Performance of decompressor: The prssure after the first decompression chamber is 0.3-0.4MPa and 0.09-0.14MPa after the second decompresssion chamber as wellas 0.0001-0.0002MPa after the third decompression chamber. The rated flow of decompressor is 16M3/h.
3) Performance of the ratio air-CNG supply valve; with our productgs, the engine is supplied with air-CNG blends by this ratio air-CNG supply valve, the opening of which is also controlled by teh change in the motor speed.